Daily Roundup 04/25/12

The Chicago Cubs, as a team, have hit just seven home runs.
–Bryan LaHair has four of them.

Pedro Alvarez has six hits on the season.
–Four are home runs.
—-Speaking of Pirates, in the second game of the Pirates/Rockes doubleheader today, the Pirates scored five runs in the fifth inning…and then didn’t score another the rest of the game. Their streak of neither allowing nor scoring more than five runs in a game lives on and is now a Major League record 18 games.
——The Rangers have a greater run differential than the Pirates have runs.

Felix Hernandez walked Delmon Young on four pitches.
–He only struck out two batters in seven innings…
—-and didn’t record his first strikeout until the sixth inning.
——He also walked three batters in one inning, the first time in his career.

Orlando Hudson hit a home run in Petco Park.
–Add him to the list of baseball players with more home runs than Albert Pujols.
—-It’s only the fourth home run the Nationals have given up this year.
—–At least 17 baseball players have hit more home runs than that, pending the results of tonight’s late games.
——–By the way, both Nationals’ pitchers had RBI. Nats pitching getting it done on *both* sides!

Via @buster_espn, Phil Hughes has allowed almost as many earned runs in first three innings tonight (3) as Barry Zito has in first four starts (4).

The Royals won a baseball game.
–By six runs.
—They beat Ubaldo Jimenez.

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