Daily Roundup, 04/30/12

The Yankees played a game in under two and a half hours.
- They scored only two runs – and won
– with the pitching they’ve been having lately, that’s pretty unpredictable.

Tonight, the starting lineup for the Pirates had four home runs, total.
- They were all by one player.
– They scored nine runs today. The Pirates!
— Against Atlanta, who’s been very good.

Austin Kearns batted cleanup for the Marlins.
- He actually homered.

Eric Chavez also homered.
- We shouldn’t have to add that all these players have more homers than Albert Pujols, along with Cody Ransom and Chone Figgins, but we will anyway.

Coming into tonight, Albert Pujols and Jose Bautista had 26 total bases.
- That’s the same as Raul Ibanez, Orlando Hudson, and Willie Bloomquist (again, before today).

It took the Mariners 11.2 innings to take a walk tonight.
- Yes, they stink offensively. But Jeremy Hellickson, Jake McGee, and Fernando Rodney all pitched against them without issuing a walk.

Ryan Braun had three home runs and a triple in Petco.
- Yes, he’s a really good hitter. But Petco.

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