Daily Roundup, 05/08/12

Josh Hamilton hit four home runs.
- We know he’s really good, but four home runs is unpredictable no matter who you are.
– There have been 21 perfect games in baseball history – and only 14 four-homer games.
— Probably not coincidentally, this is the first year in baseball history that’s included a perfect game and a four-homer game. And it’s May 8!
—- He also had 18 total bases, an AL record, and second only to … Shawn Green in a 2002 game.
—– Adrian Beltre homered in both of those games!

In AJ Burnett’s last game, he gave up 12 runs in 2.2 innings.
- Tonight, he gave up two runs over eight innings, while striking out ten.
– Welcome to the world of AJ Burnett, Pirates fans.
— That wasn’t the only wacky thing in this game. In the top half of the ninth with the Pirates up 2-1, Pirates closer Joel Hanrahan gave up a two-run home run to Adam LaRoche to put the Nationals up 3-2.
—- Then in the bottom of the ninth inning, newly minted Nationals closer Henry Rodriguez came on and gave up a single…
—– Then wild pitched him to second -
—— Then wild pitched him to third -
——- Then gave up a walk-off home run to Rod Barajas -
——– hitting .133/.200/.183, for a sweet OPS+ of 9, up til today.

h/t @jasoncollette, the only person to strike out the very un-strike-out-a-ble Jeff Keppinger this year is… Rick Porcello.

Brandon Inge is hitting fifth.
- Joke’s on us – he hit a walk-off grand slam.

Cesar Izturis homered.
- That’s his first since 2010.
– We must state, by law, that he has as many as Albert Pujols in 2012.
— Jose Molina also homered.

Daniel Bard threw a wild pitch and balked twice
- in one inning.
– Jonathan Broxton threw eight pitches in a save against Boston. Okay.

The Phillies blew a 4-0 lead.
- To the Mets.
– Who won a Miguel Batista start.

Check out this play in Tigers/Mariners from last night.

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4 Responses to Daily Roundup, 05/08/12

  1. B.E. Earl says:

    Shawn Green

  2. NatsLady says:

    Almost right on the Nats-Pirates, but not quite. The game was tied 2-2 when strange things happened in the bottom of the 8th, blown call by ump, error, so Pirates got an unearned run. Top of the 9th they led 3-2. Final score was 5-4.

  3. Chad says:

    16 four-homer games, actually–but 14 in the “modern era”. I have no idea how this is true given that 4 homers was a good season in the 19th century, but apparently this was the case.

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