Daily Roundup 05/25/12

Via @BillShaikin and STATS LLC: A.J. Ellis batting .429 after 0-2 count. Average major leaguer batting .164 after 0-2 count.

Wilson Rosario hit an infield double.

Mike Giancarlo Stanton hit a home run…and the home run monstrosity thing.

Shelley Duncan stole a base.

Both AJ Pierszynski and Adam Dunn have already surpassed their entire home run totals from last season.
– Via @Danielrathman, this is the first time in 1,535 career games that A.J. Pierzynski has hit a triple and a homer in the same game.

Chris Coghlan hit a three run home run.
–He came into the game hitting .104.

Tim Hudson walked Chien Ming Wang.
–He is now 126-3 in games when his team scores three or more runs. (Via the official @Nationals feed)

Miguel Cabrera stole a base.

Jeff Francouer worked a 13 pitch at-bat
–and then hit a home run.

Jeff Mathis pitched for the Blue Jays in the eighth inning.
—As you’re aware, he is not a pitcher.

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One Response to Daily Roundup 05/25/12

  1. NatsLady says:

    Yeah, the point about Huddy’s record is he was 126-2 before last night! Now he’s 126-3. He said he was “two pitches” away from a shut out. OK.

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