Daily Roundup, 05/26/12

Kyle Kendrick complete game shutout!
- against the Cardinals, who are really good offensively.

Alberto Callaspo grand slam.
- Off King Felix, too.
– For some reason the Mariners were wearing red and the Angels were wearing blue today. I was confused.

In the 7th inning of the Blue Jays/Rangers game, both Jose Bautista AND Josh Hamilton tried to bunt.

The Cubs have lost eleven games in a row.
- Tonight they lost on a walk-off … hit by pitch with the bases loaded.

Mitch Maier, Chris Davis, Rob Johnson, Drew Butera, and Jeff Mathis have combined to pitch six shutout innings with only three hits and four strikeouts.
- Oh yeah, and Chris Davis has a win.
– Jeff Mathis has thrown more innings this year than the pitcher he was traded for.

Fernando Rodney finally blew a save.
- Bizarro YCPB!

The final score of a Jake Peavy and Derek Lowe start was 14-7.
- Also bizarro YCPB.
– Peavy gave up seven runs and got a win.

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