Daily Roundup 05/27/12

Pedro Alvarez hit a three run home run.
–It’s the first three run home run for the Pirates this season.
—The last player to do that? Ross Ohlendorf, the pitcher.
—–Actually, the Pirates—who have baseball’s worst offense—scored 10 runs today.
——-We’d make a bigger deal out of this except it came against the Cubs….
———….who have now lost 12 in a row and are tied with the Twins for baseball’s worst record.

While admitting that GABP is not a pitcher’s paradise, there were a combined nine home runs in today’s Rockies/Reds game.
—All five of the Rockies’ hits were solo home runs.
—-Mat Latos struck out Jamie Moyer, which is notable because when Moyer started pitching, Latos hadn’t been born yet.

Orlando Hudson and Alejandro de Aza hit back-to-back….triples.

Jesse Chavez, a former Rangers’ prospect, struck out five Rangers in a row.

Jerry Hairston of the Dodgers went five-for-five, his first such day in his career.

The Diamondbacks just won their first series at home since the start of the season.
–As @haudricourt notes, this might say more about the vanquished Brewers than it does Arizona.

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  1. Oddball says:

    By far the most unusual (and least predictable) thing about the Rockies-Reds game was that Mat Latos gave up five runs and never pitched from the stretch! Five solo homers, with no other hits, walks, or errors. That is bizarro world.

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