Daily Roundup, 05/29/12

Justin Verlander allowed five runs on ten hits.
-He hasn’t given up 10 hits since 9/2/10, 50 starts ago.
–This is the first time the Tigers have lost back-to-back Verlander starts since last April.
—Heck, Nick Punto got a hit off him.
—-Boston is finally over .500.

Michael Bourn has hit four homers in the past eight games.
-His career high is five, which he has now matched.

Bryce Harper is now third in the NL in triples, and one of the two guys ahead of him is no longer in the NL.
-Two straight scoreless innings now for Heath Bell.

Jeremy Hefner (pitcher) homer!
-On the day he picked up his first win, too.
–Scott Hairston homered, his sixth.
—That leads the team. The team includes David Wright and his .578 slugging.
—-Frank Francisco has 14 saves, tied for the NL lead. His ERA is over 6.

Seattle scored ten runs.
-Off the Rangers.
–Josh Hamilton has 56 RBIs. Seattle’s top two RBI guys (Seager and Montero) have a combined 49.

Phil Humber pitched seven innings.
-And outdueled James Shields.

Jeff Samardzija RBI single.

Yes, he is crazy fast, but Mike Trout tripled to left field.

Melky Cabrera has 50 hits in the month of May. No Giant has ever done that before.

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