Daily Roundup, 06/03/12

The Mets swept have won three in a row against the Cardinals.
-The Cardinals scored one run in three games.
–It was in the 8th inning of the third game.
—The Mets are still percentage points behind Washington, but they are tied for first place.

Mark Reynolds was 3-5 without any walks or strikeouts.
-He’s had 172 games with five or more PAs, and this was just the 12th where he didn’t walk or strike out.
–He did hit a home run though. He’s had just three (!!) games in which he picked up 5+ PAs without walking, striking out, or hitting a home run.

Vin Mazzaro threw 6 innings of 4-hit shutout ball.
-That’s Vin “14 runs in 2.1 innings” Mazzaro.
–Oakland scored no runs for the 11th time this season. No other team has more than 8. Even the Pirates have only been shut out five times.

A matchup between Alex White and Nathan Eovaldi at Coors Field ended up 3-2.

Daniel Bard has a 5.24 ERA and more walks than strikeouts.
-Sure, plenty of people saw him not really working out in the rotation, but did anyone see him only striking out 34 in 55 innings?

Derek Jeter hit a leadoff home run at Comerica.
-Off Justin Verlander.
–Who allowed five runs (though only three earned) for the second straight start.
—Last time he did that was September 2009.
—-Last time he took three consecutive losses? 2008.
—-Robinson Cano triple!
—–Phil Hughes complete game!! The last time that happened was…never. Six-inning rain-shortened games don’t count.

Barry Zito threw 8.1 innings of 4-hit shutout ball.
-His ERA is under 3.

Chris Sale–2.30 ERA
-Kevin Millwood gave up four runs in four innings and still has an ERA south of 4.

The Twins have won 5 of 6.

Brandon Beachy pinch-ran.

So did Randy Wolf.
-And Brooks Conrad played shortstop.
–The Pirates won a game in Miller Park.
—And hit four homers.
—-James McDonald has a 2.14 ERA.

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  1. Max says:

    Joe Blanton has allowed a home run to the opposing pitcher in two consecutive starts! Via Jayson Stark, the first one since Glendon Rusch, 2006. https://twitter.com/jaysonst/status/209352367701901313

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