Daily Roundup 06/25/12

The Pirates had four errors by the fifth inning.
- Joe Blanton struck out eight.
– He’s got seven wins.
— Cliff Lee still has none.
—- The Phillies beat the Pirates, which is delicious reverse YCPB.

The Mets-Cubs game involved two three base errors in the span of three batters, on a ball that hit about six inches in front of the plate and another one that was an easy pop-up.
- It wasn’t the Cubs making the errors.

DeWayne Wise had a home run
- also a triple
– but a home run!!!!

Via @drewGROF, Rajai Davis has a higher ISO than Adrian Gonzalez.

Heath Bell blew a four-run lead.
- This is like bizarro bizarro baseball, because he was so awful to start the year, but he hadn’t allowed a run since May 26th, about a month ago.

Luke Hochevar CGSHO.
- Against the Rays.
– his opponent, Alex Cobb, also threw a complete game.
— despite giving up eight runs.
—- The last CG with eight runs allowed was Randy Johnson’s fifth to last start as a Mariner back in 1998.
—– Both Hochevar and Cobb threw 113 pitches, and Cobb had more strikes.
—— This game took just two hours and seventeen minutes.

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2 Responses to Daily Roundup 06/25/12

  1. Aaron says:

    Nothing about the Cardinals’ winning run scoring in the 10th inning on an infield single for the first career hit by a pitcher who was only in the game because of a lineup mixup?

  2. Chad says:

    A bit more about that Cubs-Mets game:
    - Jon Rauch’s line: 0.1 IP, 4 R, 0 H, 1 BB
    –He’s only the second pitcher in major league history to allow four runs without allowing a hit while only walking one batter. The other was someone with the pornstar-perfect name of “Slim Love” for the 1916 Yankees.

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