Daily Roundup, 06/26/12

Bronson Arroyo had a no-hitter through seven innings!
- against the Brewers.
– he also didn’t have a walk given up, actually – and he’d only hit Braun.
— He had a hit himself, too.
—- Of course, once he lost the no-hitter, he then lost the lead.
—– The Reds went ahead again, though. Aroldis Chapman got the save, then proceeded to do this, which is more or less the best thing I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s so absurd and over-the-top, it’s actually amazing.

Michael Bourn has seven homers.
- That’s already a career high.
– By two!
— That’s as many homers as Miguel Montero, Todd Helton, Justin Upton, Brett Lawrie, Mike Trout, and Yoenis Cespedes, and more homers than Adrian Gonzalez, Melky Cabrera, Mark Reynolds, Dustin Pedroia, Pablo Sandoval, Carlos Santana, Kevin Youkilis, Yunel Escobar, Dustin Ackley, Michael Young…

the Angels had 17 hits, including four home runs (!)
- and “only” scored seven runs.
– One of those homers was John Hester.
— Also Peter Bourjos.
—- Steve Pearce homered for Baltimore in this game
—– Off CJ Wilson, too.

This happened in the CLE/NYY game.
- On Jeter’s birthday, too!
– Only as you can see, Wise didn’t actually catch the ball.
— In fact, it wasn’t in his glove.
—- And the dude who ended up with the ball was like three seats away. Yay.
—– Jack Hannahan, who hit the ball, later argued with the ump over this play and was ejected. Jose Lopez came in.
—— Later in the game, Lopez would homer. Jose Lopez!

Both Yuniesky Betancourt and Jeff Francoeur homered in the same game.
- Off Rays pitching!
– Brooks Conrad also homered in this one.

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