Daily Roundup 06/27/12

Seven teams scored in double digits today.
- These included the Nationals, Angels, White Sox, and PIRATES.
– The Angels were facing Orioles pitching. Which is like eight levels of YCPBCeption that we’re posting that.
— The Pirates got homers from McKenry, McCutchen, McGehee, and a win from McDonald.

Chase Utley homered in his first at-bat back.

The Royals swept the Rays.
- At home (as in, for the Royals, where they were 11-23 before this series).

Oakland played a Brandon at first, second, and third.
- They were batting 6-7-8 in the lineup too.
– And the opposing Mariners had a Brendan at shortstop.
– Sadly, Brandon League didn’t pitch to any of the Brandons.
— Oakland had two hits in this game, which isn’t unpredictable…
—- But they won. The Tigers and Rockies are sooooo jealous.
—– Oakland had only ten hits in this three-game series, and they won it.
—— Four of those hits were home runs. Too many home runs!!!

The Astros also had two hits and won
- Behind a Matt Downs homer.

Daniel Murphy hit TWO home runs today.
- He hadn’t hit a home run in his previous 352 at bats.
– Also hitting two home runs today: the slightly more predictable David Murphy.

The David Murphy home run was only part of the wackiness in DET/TEX.
- Roy Oswalt allowed 13 hits… and won.
– The last pitcher to allow 13 hits and win for Texas was in 1980.
— The Tigers had seventeen hits… and lost.
—- That’s their season high in hits.
—– This was the fifth time this year that a team’s had 17+ hits and lost.
—— Boston’s done it twice!
——- The Tigers had more hits than the Mets today
——– who scored seventeen runs!
——— By the way, the Rangers scored 13 runs and Josh Hamilton was 0-for-4
———- with four strikeouts
———– He was the only Ranger without a hit or run scored.
———— This happened.

Sadly, what happened with the Tigers means what’s going on with the Rockies will be ignored.
- They have 14 hits… and are getting blown out as I write this, 11-5.
– The last time a Rockies starter won a game, it was June 4.

AJ Pierzynski hit a triple.
- it’s his third of the year.

Alex Rodriguez hit a double.
- Believe it or not, it’s only his seventh double of the season.

Adam Dunn had a day that would please the Mayans supporting the end-of-the-world-in-2012 campaign: He neither walked nor struck out. This was the first time all season it’s happened, barring a game where he pinch hit.
- He also hit an infield single.

David Ortiz today: 1 AB, 1 hit, 1 RBI…and four runs scored.

The Mets won a game 17-1.
- Okay, so they were playing the Cubs, but still.
– They scored 16 of those runs in the first five innings.
— They lost this series, too.
—- h/t Hardball Talk, they’re only the fourth team since 1918 to have four players with at least four RBIs in one game.
—– The last time was the 2007 Rangers in that 30-3 win over the Orioles. Those four players, by the way? Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Marlon Byrd, Ramon Vazquez, and Travis Metcalf. Salty and Vazquez each had seven.

The Dodgers are not having a good day:
- For the first time in franchise history, the Giants swept the Dodgers in a three-game set and didn’t allow the Dodgers to score a single run.
– Tim Lincecum threw seven shutout innings, and got his first win since April 28. Bizarro YCPB!
— And then, as @CSNbaggs notes, the Dodgers’ equipment truck broke down on the freeway.

Cliff Lee pinch hit.
- He pinch hit in the second inning.
– [insert obligatory joke about him not having any wins here].

Nick Johnson getting hurt is, unfortunately, predictable.
–Nick Johnson lasting until June 27th before doing so is not.

At one point today, Jordan Zimmermann had a 2.80 ERA…and a .280 batting average (via @sfindley12).
- Since Zimmerman was pitching today, that’s probably no longer accurate, but we found it amusing anyway.

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  1. Z says:

    For the record, Ortiz was only 1/1 RBI 4 R until the 5th inning. He struck out later in the game for a final line of 1/2 HR 4 R RBI 3 BB K.

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