Daily Roundup, 06/30/12

We didn’t get it into last night’s roundup, but: Aaron Cook CGSHO in just 81 pitches.
- Yes, it was against the Mariners. But Cook also has two other complete games in his career with fewer pitches than that, even!
– And BOTH of them were at COORS.

Yasmani Grandal’s first career hit was a homer as a right-handed batter.
- His second career hit was two innings later – a homer as a left-handed batter.
– That is the first time that’s happened in baseball history.

The matchup in Nationals/Braves was Mike Minor vs. Stephen Strasburg. The Nationals were already 5-1 against the Braves this year. So, of course, the Braves actually won today.

The Dodgers were shut out for the sixth time in seven games (!!!!).
- They have only six homers in all of June.
– Alfonso Soriano, Trevor Plouffe, Colby Rasmus, Adam LaRoche, Jason Kubel, and Brandon Moss all outhomered that by themselves. (As well as several other players)
— AJ Pierzynski, Jimmy Rollins, Alex Rios, Ryan Ludwick, Michael Cuddyer, and Jed Lowrie have that many homers in June.
—- In their last 54 innings, the Dodgers have scored two runs.

The Twins won two games in one day.

Dewayne Wise homer.
- It was a monster bomb into the second deck too.
This happened in the same game.

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