Daily Roundup, 07/08/12

The first place Pirates head into the Break winners of 10 of their last 12.
-They easily won an AJ Burnett-Tim Lincecum matchup today. Even weirder, that’s totally predictable this year.
–Lincecum is 3-10, Burnett is 10-2.
—Timmy has a 6.42 ERA, the worst in baseball and 0.45 worse than anyone else in the NL.
—-He has now allowed 69 earned runs in the first half, which is already the second highest season total for his career (h/t Jayson Stark).
—–Meanwhile, Burnett has a 3.68 ERA and has allowed two earned runs or fewer in 11 of his 15 starts.

The Cubs beat the Mets 7-0.
-Ryan Dempster has a 1.99 ERA.
–He also has a 27+ inning scoreless streak, the longest by a Cub since 1971.
–With 86 innings in 85 games, Dempster qualifies for rate stats. He now has the NL’s best ERA.

The Phillies lost again, taking them to 37-50.
-Last year, their 50th loss didn’t come until September 12th.
–Jair Jurrjens has a 2.14 ERA since coming back from the minors.

Quintin Berry leads the AL in triples, despite having at least 140 fewer PAs than the four guys he’s tied with.

James Shields allowed 10 hits, the fifth time this season he allowed double digit hits.
-He did that just twice all last season.

The Rockies scored three in the 8th and 9th to beat the Nats.
-The Nats bullpen came into the day with the third best ERA in the NL.
–Colorado took two of three from Washington, beating Strasburg and Zimmermann.
—Jeremy Guthrie has a 3.70 ERA since he lost (and then regained) his rotation spot. It was 7.02 before that.

The Cardinals used six pitchers to get the final nine outs. Pretty sure Tony La Russa is still retired.
-Heath Bell is still broken. This isn’t surprising, but he also has 19 saves despite his 6.75 ERA.
–There is recent precedent for that, too. Brad Lidge saved 31 games with a 7.21 ERA in 2009.

Congratulations to Trevor Bauer on his first big league win.
-Since starting the season 30-13, the Dodgers are 17-27.
–Patrick Corbin recorded a save in a 7-1 ballgame.

Jeff Mathis home run.
-It’s his fifth of the season.
–In 80 PAs this year, Mathis is hitting .247/.295/.521.
—Among Blue Jays, only Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista have a higher slugging, irrespective of sample size.

Fernando Rodriguez was tagged with the loss in Houston, his 8th of the season.
-He’s a reliever.

Jon Lester has a 4.49 ERA through the first half.
-Alex Rodriguez tripled. That’s his first triple since 2010 and just his 8th since joining the Yankees.
–Pedro Ciriaco picked up seven hits in the last two games.
—Rafael Soriano’s ninth inning involved walking Ciriaco and Nick Punto, and striking out David Ortiz, Cody Ross, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia.

That was not the longest game of the night, because Texas-Minnesota went 13 innings.
-It was delayed for 46 minutes by this.
–Minnesota blew a 3-0 ninth inning lead.
—It was 1-0 entering the ninth. 5 of the 7 runs that scored in this game came in the ninth.
—Joe Mauer is having the quietest .326/.416/.449 year ever.

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  1. JohnnyBGoode says:

    Awesome video. It would have been hilarious if the umpire called a balk on a pitcher.

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