Daily Roundup, 07/23/12

By far the oddest, most unpredictable thing today doesn’t have to do with a game at all: Ichiro Suzuki is a Yankee!!!
- Though both John Jaso and Russell Martin stole bases in the NYY/SEA game.
– They are both catchers.
— Jesus Montero flew out to Ichiro for the last out (and the pitch was thrown by Rafael Soriano, who is an ex-Mariner himself).

Jeff Samardzija allowed just one hit over eight innings
- and the Cubs beat the Pirates.

Ian Kennedy had a standup triple
- and Emilio Bonifacio hit a home run.

Oh, Mets.
- Yesterday they gave up five runs in a single extra inning to the Dodgers.
– Not to be outdone, today they gave up six runs in a single extra inning to the Nationals.
— They are only the third team since 1900 to lose consecutive games in extra innings by 5+ runs, and the first since 1994. (Thanks to Elias.)
—- The Mets’ worst single-season bullpen ERA is 4.76. After tonight, the Mets’ bullpen ERA in 2012 is 5.16.

It must be contagious, because since being named closer, Francisco Rodriguez has been a disaster for Milwaukee.
- Over his last two outings, he has five outs… and ten baserunners, and seventy pitches.

Scott Feldman and his 5.89 ERA more or less shut down the Red Sox in Arlington, giving up just one run over seven innings.
- It’s July 23, and the Red Sox are under .500.
– Minimum 100 AB, Mike Napoli has the highest all-time SLG against the Red Sox, at .725.
— And Nelson Cruz is second.

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