Daily Roundup 07/24/12

Clayton Kershaw had not given up a run to the Cardinals in 19 innings this season…
– So of course, Adam Wainwright has the first RBI off of the Dodger ace…
— and the second, which came on a bases-loaded walk.

Zack Greinke homered off of Cliff Lee.
– Via friend-of-the-blog Jayson Stark (@jaysonst), of the 12 HRs hit by pitchers this year, the Phillies have allowed 4 of them – and Cole Hamels hit one of the others.
—- Greinke now has as many home runs on the season as Cliff Lee has wins.

Travis Hafner hit a triple
– And Yoenis Cespedes had a bases-clearing…single.
— This after Kendrys Morales did it last night, which was the first time it had happened in baseball since 2008 (@JamesSmyth621).

Eric Kratz has three hits this season, and ALL three have been home runs.

The Mets bullpen pitched three scoreless innings.
–They still lost (even with RA Dickey as their starter!)
— Via @msimonespn, the other seasons the Mets have had 1-12 stretches include 1962 and 2002, among others.

Via @djshort, Wesley Wright (debuted in ’08) is now the longest tenured member of the Astros after Wandy Rodriguez was traded to the Pirates.
– By the way, the Pirates have the best home record in baseball.

Yorvit Torrealba, pinch runner.

Joe Nathan had walked five batters all season…
–So, of course, he walked two tonight.

In a span of five batters, King Felix hit three of them.

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3 Responses to Daily Roundup 07/24/12

  1. Chad says:

    The Yankees have used 5 pitchers to get through the 8th inning. The Mariners only scored one run in that inning.

  2. NatsLady says:

    Jordany Valdespin pinch hit home run. OK, getting to be NOT YCPB.

  3. nuri says:

    St Louis has the best run differential in the league and is in 3rd place, 6 games back in their division.

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