Daily Roundup, 07/25/12

Hanley Ramirez is a Dodger, and the trade happened at about 2:45 AM EST.

The As beat the Blue Jays 16-0.
- They led 9-0 with two outs in the second.
– Ricky Romero is broken.
— Coco Crisp has hit two home runs.
—- The current pitcher for the Blue Jays is Jeff Mathis.
—– It’s not the first time he’s pitched this year.
—— The As are 31-14 since their nine-game losing streak.
——- By the way, it’s the largest shutout loss in Blue Jays history.

For the third day in a row, the Brewers bullpen blew a lead.
- This time it was in extra innings.
– They got swept in this series with the Phillies, and every final score was 7-6.

Oliver Perez threw a 1-2-3 inning.
- Against the Yankees.
– Who won anyway, though we’re pretty sure this means the win only counts as half a win.
— The big hit was driven in by Jayson Nix.

The Mets have won just one game since the All-Star Break.
- They might be a candidate for YCPB Team of the Year, no? Not necessarily for the results, but how they got there.

Just when you thought Tim Lincecum might be sorta kinda back, 4.2 IP and 5 ER.
- Against the Padres, to boot.
– Jesus Guzman hit two home runs.

Through five innings today, the Marlins had seven walks and seven stolen bases
- and just one run.
– Similarly, the Mariners got six walks in five innings
— and got only two runs.
—- They had three singles all game, and that was all their hits.

The Pirates avoided getting swept today
- by the Cubs.
– They won the game Dempster started against them.
— The Pirates only need two more wins and they’ll match their win total from 2010.

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