Daily Roundup 07/28/12

Jayson Nix and Chris Stewart both hit home runs for the Yankees today.
– Stewart had just three career home runs prior to tonight, all of them occurring last season with the Giants.
—- A game started by CC Sabathia and Jon Lester ended with an 8-6 score…okay, maybe not so unpredictable this season.
—– A little more unpredictable: Nix’s home run was his third off of Lester, making him (just) the fifth player to do so.
—— The other four: Carlos Peña, Jose Bautista, Alex Rodriguez, and Paul Konerko (via @yestoresearch).

Ike Davis hit three home runs.
- and the Mets still lost.
– Since 2006, the Mets are 1-2 when they have a player hit 3+ HR in a game. The rest of MLB is 51-4.
— This year, the Mets have lost games when they had a player hit three home runs, AND hit for the cycle.
—- At least they won the no-hitter?

Johnny Gomes, defensive replacement.

The Orioles had one run on ten hits, and that one run came on a ninth-inning home run.

The Cubs beat the Cardinals…because of a bunt single.

The Twins won (they scored 12 runs), and that, coupled with a Royals loss, means that they are no longer in last place! First time since April!
– In other news, the second Wild Card team is probably not coming out of the AL Central…
— Joe Mauer stole a base.

Edwin Encarnacion hit his 28th(!) homer of the season, which means that Jose Bautista no longer leads the Blue Jays in home runs.

Nathan Eovaldi had his first win for the Marlins today, the team he was traded to just a few nights ago.
– He had just one win for the Dodgers previously this season.
— [insert Cliff Lee joke].

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