Daily Roundup, 07/29/12

The Astros won.
-James McDonald and his pretty good 3.1 BB/9 walked seven in five innings.
–The Astros used five relievers to get ten outs.

The Athletics lost.
-Omar Quintanilla home run.
–Wei-Yin Chen struck out 12 in just 5.2 innings. He’s the fourth pitcher in the last decade to strike out 12 without pitching six innings. Max Scherzer was the last, who struck out 14 in 5.2 back in 2010.

Eight shutout innings for Scott Feldman.
-The two teams went a combined 0-15 with RISP.

Joe Saunders has a 3.62 ERA.
-That’s better than Cliff Lee, Matt Garza, and Tim Hudson.

Halladay lost again.
-He’s 4-6 now.
–The Phillies are 6-8 in his starts.

The Reds have won ten in a row.
-This without Joey Votto.
–Jonathan Sanchez: still terrible.
This happened.

The Mariners scored seven runs.
-At home!
–Oliver Perez got the win (and the blown save).
—That’s his first win since 8/18/09. Ryan Church and Yunel Escobar were in the Braves lineup that day and Gary Sheffield and Fernando Tatis were in the Mets lineup.

AJ Ellis, 0-0, 4 BB.
-That’s actually the second time this year he had a game like that.
–The only other guy to have a 0-0, 4 BB game this year was Buster Posey. All catchers.
—Ryan Vogelsong’s ERA is down to 2.22.
—-Melky Cabrera struck out three times.

The Yankees tied the game in the 8th but lost when Pedro Ciriaco had a late RBI hit.
-This happened two nights in a row.
–Ciriaco has 22 hits this season. 11 of them have come against the Yankees.

Zack Greinke lost a game at home.
-It was his first home game as an Angel.
–He had zero losses at home as a Brewer.
—The Angels havent scored since the third inning on Friday.
—-Fernando Rodney has 30 saves and a 0.77 ERA.

The Nats trailed 7-3 entering the 8th, and allowed two more runs in the bottom of the 8th.
-They won.
–The Brewers bullpen allowed nine runs in 5.1 innings.
—That’s not too unpredictable, they have been terrible this year.
—-Their pen’s ERA is 4.81. That’s still decently behind the Mets for the worst in the NL.
—–John Axford and K-rod both have ERAs over 5.
——Both teams scored in the same inning in five different frames.
——-This play happened.

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