Daily Roundup 08/10/12

Manny Machado hit his first two major league home runs tonight. This isn’t really unpredictable, except that…
– The same fan caught both home runs, and…
— via @ESPNStatsInfo and Elias, Manny Machado is the youngest Oriole in franchise history with a multi home run game at 20 years, 35 days old.
—- Manny Machado has more home runs than Jacoby Ellsbury (h/t @Joe_Sheehan).

— It’s their first of the season; they’re the last team to have one in 2012.
—- The walk off came on a blown save for the Brewers. This part is not inherently unpredictable.

Paul Maholm pitched a 95-pitch, three-hit, five-strike out, no-walk complete game shutout.
– Via @SBerthiaumeESPN, the last Braves’ pitcher with a shutout on fewer pitches than Maholm’s 95 was Greg Maddux, who did so on 89 pitches in 2000.

The Cubs-Reds game featured a combined 344 pitches, 28 hits and 18 runs, and still managed to come in under four hours.
– The Cubs had five errors in six innings. We know it’s the Cubs, but even for the Cubs that is hard to do.

Gorkys Hernandez singled off of Clayton Kershaw…
– It raised his average to .098 (Thanks, @smedindy!)

Billy Hamilton, the minor leaguer with 133 stolen bases this season (yes, you read that right), got caught stealing tonight.
– It was “just” his 29th caught stealing of the year.
— To put that in perspective, Juan Pierre led the majors with 17 CS last season.

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  1. Max says:

    Carlos Beltran was picked off — on a fake to third, throw to first! How do those ever work?!? — as the Cardinals’ final out.

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