Daily Roundup 08/22/12

By the time you read this, Orioles playoff tickets will be for sale.

Carlos Santana stole a base.

The Mariners have the best record in the American League since the All-Star break.

Wednesday was the five-year anniversary of this game.
– To sum: the Rangers scored 30 runs in the first game of a doubleheader, Wes Littleton got a save, Daniel Cabrera pitched five innings and walked just one, and the Texas eight and nine hitters EACH had two home runs and seven RBI.
—- The Orioles and Rangers played today.
—– The Rangers had a nine-run fourth inning, which would be a non-thing (I mean, Rangers), except that it’s the anniversary of that game.
—— Adrian Beltre had three home runs in four innings.
——- Josh Hamilton had an 11-pitch at bat end in a walk.

The Toronto Blue Jays sent 45-year-old Omar Vizquel to pinch hit in the ninth inning.
– He got a hit.
— And then got caught stealing to end the game.

Derek Jeter hit a home run tonight, for the third consecutive game.
– It’s the first time in his career he’s done that.
— Need we remind you he’s been playing major league baseball since September 1995.

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