Daily Roundup, 08/23/12

I talk about only two games in this roundup, but it’s still one of the wackier nights of the year.

The Mets lost 1-0 to the Rockies.
- Is that even possible? Apparently so.
– At Coors, it is more or less impossible. This year, they have no shutouts there, and only one game where they held opponents to just one run.
— Check who started that game.
—- Anyway, this was the Rockies’ final win of a four-game sweep against the Mets at Citi.
—– They have the worst ERA in the majors, and they held the Mets to just five runs over the four games, total.
—— The Rockies have an eight-game winning streak at Citi Field.

Angels/Red Sox. Oh, Angels/Red Sox.
- Combined, this game had 27 runs, 38 hits (eleven for extra bases, five home runs), three errors, fifteen pitchers, four blown saves, and 410 pitches.
– And it lasted a little over four and a half hours.
— Boston led 6-0 after two…
—- and trailed 8-6 after three.
—– This eight-run inning for the Angels came about without an extra-base hit.
—— In fact, in a 14-13 final game, there were two hits all game that drove in more than one run.
——- Alfredo Aceves had a WPA of -1.021.
——– That is the 24th-worst WPA since 1918.
——— And of course, the game ended with Adrian Gonzalez striking out on three pitches to end it.
———- Before this season, the Red Sox had lost one game since 1933 where they scored twelve runs or more. This year, they have two. (h/t @jaysonst)
———— As a final note, that’s some WPA graph.

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