Daily Roundup 08/26/12

The Orioles had 69 wins as of Sunday morning.
– That’s the same number of wins they had ALL of last season.

Cliff Lee won.
– It’s his first home win of 2012.
— Prior to his win today, the Astros had five pitchers who had twice as many wins as Lee had. One of them, Wilton Lopez, is a reliever.

Chris Volstad won today as well.
– It’s his first win in 2012…
— …And his first in 24 starts dating back to last season.

Jesus Montero hit an infield single.

Brian McCann hit a bunt single.
– Via @SFG_Stats, visiting teams have hit 44 home runs at AT&T Park this season. The Giants have hit 20.
— For comparison, the Padres have hit 30 homers at Petco.

Paul Janish hit a triple.

Adrian Gonzalez stole a base today.
– It’s the third stolen base of his career.

Carlos Gomez home run.
- This was actually his thirteenth this year.

The Rangers had hits in only two innings
- and still scored five runs.

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One Response to Daily Roundup 08/26/12

  1. David says:

    What about the ball that Adam LaRoche hit? That was unpredictable.

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