Daily Roundup, 08/27/12

The Blue Jays scored eight runs against the Yankees and won.
- Encarnacion went 0-for-5.

The Orioles have won their past thirteen one-run games.
- Related, Lew Ford hit a homer for them tonight.
– He hasn’t homered in the majors since 2007.
— Nate McLouth also had a huge home run for them late.
—- Adam Dunn had an infield single in the same game.

The Rays, on the other hand, have lost nine of their past ten one-run games.
- David Price got hit very hard tonight (by Texas, to be fair).

Starlin Castro walked.
- He has 26 walks now, and 20 errors.

Felix threw his fifth complete game shutout of the year.
- The Brewers don’t have a complete game since April 5, 2011. (h/t @adammccalvy)

Bronson Arroyo homer.

The final score of the shiny-new-look-Dodgers vs. the Rockies was 10-0.
- The Dodgers didn’t win.
– This game was at Coors, too.
— The two starters in this game were Josh Beckett and Jeff Francis. AKA your 2007 World Series Game 1 starters.

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One Response to Daily Roundup, 08/27/12

  1. Chad says:

    - Arroyo’s home run broke a 2-2 tie.
    – And 3-2 Reds ended up being the final score.

    - The Red Sox, after trading away most of their stars, actually won a series.
    – Yes, it was against the Royals, but it’s still their first series win since taking the first two games of a three-game set against Detroit–wins that came on the last two days of July.
    — Both of those series were at home, where the Red Sox are six games under .500. They’re one game over .500 on the road.
    —- And again, if you want to say “yeah, but Royals”, remember that the Royals are actually in third place and that the Red Sox have played both of the teams behind them during that stretch of failing to win a series.

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