Daily Roundup, 08/28/12

Phil Hughes, a right-handed heavy flyball pitcher, is 6-0 with a 1.72 ERA in his last seven starts at YSIII.
- He’s already given up thirty home runs this year, but his overall numbers aren’t bad at all.
– Today, Steve Pearce made his Yankee debut.
— He was DH
—- and batted cleanup (!!!!).
—– Since 2011 ended, Pearce has been with the Twins, Yankees, Orioles, Astros, and now the Yankees again.
—— The final score of a Ricky Romero/Phil Hughes matchup in the Bronx was just 2-1.
——- At one point this year, Romero was 8-1. He is now 8-12.

Meanwhile, through three innings in Tigers/Royals, fourteen runs had been scored.
- Oh yeah, Justin Verlander started this game.
– and gave up seven runs over two innings.
— Via @Stareagle, the Royals are the first team to knock out Verlander in the 6th or earlier since 8/17/2010.

Speaking of star pitchers getting pounded, Stephen Strasburg gave up seven runs in five innings.
- To the Marlins.
– The Nationals have lost five in a row.
— That’s the longest such streak in the majors.

Lew Ford homered again.
- off Chris Sale!
– who gave up four runs in four innings to the Orioles and had to be removed after that.
— Oh well. At least Adam Dunn had another infield single.

Travis Wood hit a home run.
- For those unfamiliar, he’s a pitcher.

Carlos Lee stole a base.

Heading into Tuesday’s games, Curtis Granderson had as many home runs (20) at home as the Giants.
- Miguel Cabrera (who plays at Comerica Park) and Ryan Braun actually each had more home home runs than the Giants.

The Mets’ bullpen pitched 5.2 scoreless innings.

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  1. Chad says:

    - The Dodgers are 1-3 since their blockbuster trade with the Red Sox.
    – On the subject of superstars that the Dodgers received in trades with the Red Sox, they’re still paying Manny Ramirez $8 million this year.

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