Daily Roundup, 08/29/12

It’s August 29 and the As are in sole possession of the first Wild Card spot.

The Mets have won four in a row!
- They also have a better run differential than the Orioles.
– They’re 7-1 at Citizens Bank Park this year, too, after another win in Philly tonight.
— The Mets’ bullpen has pitched 14.1 scoreless innings in a row.

Going into the eighth inning of the Dodgers/Rockies game, the score was 6-1.
- The final score was 10-8.
– The Rockies had 15 hits, and they were all singles.

A night after the Tigers scored eight with Verlander on the mound and lost, they got shut out by the Royals.
- 1-0.

Pedro Alvarez has seven home runs and 23 RBI this season…
- against the Cardinals.
– That’s only 15 games.

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