Daily Roundup, 08/31/12

Chris Volstad won!
- Again!
– Two in a row!!
— Against the pretty hot Giants, too.
—- Madison Bumgarner was the opposing pitcher.

Between 2005 and 2011, the Orioles had one shutout, total, in the Bronx.
- They didn’t get it tonight, but they were three outs away from their second this year.

RA Dickey shut out the Marlins.
- He’s 4-0 against them this year.
– Maybe not that surprising. But in two hours and seven minutes? Pretty impressive.

The Nationals won tonight. This year, this is not unpredictable…
- But it’s the first time EVER, including in their Expos days, when they’ve had 80 wins at the end of August.
– The most wins the Nationals have ever had as a franchise (not including the Expos days here) is 81. It’s August 31.
— We know Nats pitching is good, but Gio Gonzalez tonight and Edwin Jackson yesterday teaming up to throw 17 shutout innings against the Cardinals is really good.
—- The Cardinals are really struggling offensively at the moment, though. In fact, their current sputter is, by one measure, one of the worst in franchise history.

Craig Kimbrel blew a save.

The Rays outhit the Jays 10-4…
- and lost 2-1.

Meanwhile, the game isn’t over and the As have 18 runs.
- Oh, Red Sox.
– The 18 runs the As have scored is (obviously) their season high, but it’s only tied for the highest number of runs the Red Sox have given up this year.
— Of those 18 runs, 11 were batted in by former Red Sox Josh Reddick, Brandon Moss, and George Kottaras.
—- End of game update: They scored 20 runs, 13 driven in by former Red Sox. Reddick had a grand slam and Kottaras homered twice.
—– There were four homers by former Red Sox in this one. The Red Sox are on a road trip where they are currently 0-4 – and have three homers, total.

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