Daily Roundup 09/23/12

Alfonso Soriano successfully stole third base with two outs.
- Soriano is 36 years old and just reached his career high in RBI.

Speaking of stolen bases, someone successfully stole a base off of AJ Griffin.
- This is notable because it’s the first time it’s happened in 13 starts for Griffin.

The Mets swept the Marlins at Citi Field.

Chien Ming Wang hit a double.
- Off of Yovanni Gallardo.

The Orioles lost a one-run game.
- to the Red Sox
– At Fenway. We are down the YCPB rabbit hole, folks.
— Meanwhile the Yankees and A’s have played seven one-run games in a row against each other.
—- Cliff Pennington homered today.

Brendan Ryan hit a home run.
- at Safeco Field.

The Indians scored fifteen runs!

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