Daily Roundup, 09/27/12

Doug Fister pitched into the 8th, didn’t walk a batter, and struck out 10.
-The first strikeout was the last out of the first inning. The other nine were all in a row. That’s a new AL record, and one shy of Tom Seaver’s MLB record.
–Three pitches into the ninth inning, the game was tied.
—But Detroit walked off anyway, when Brayan Pena made a diving stab at a ground ball but couldn’t throw to the plate.
—-Prince Fielder infield double! Sort of.
—–The Royals committed five errors.

Speaking of walkoffs, Dioner Navarro (!) hit a walkoff triple (!!!).
-That was Navarro’s fourth career triple. Though calling it a triple seems to be rather generous.
–This was actually the third walkoff triple in baseball this season. The other two seem more legit as triples. Yes, that link says double for Zobrist, but it was ruled a triple in the box score and play-by-play.
—The game-winning rally started with two outs and no one on.

RA Dickey became the first Met to win 20 games since 1990.
-He’s also the first Met to have multiple 13+-K games since 1991.
–He leads the NL in innings pitched and strikeouts, and is just 0.01 behind in ERA and WHIP.
—The Pirates need to win every game from here on out to finish over .500.

The A’s hit five homers. They still lost.
-Three of those homers came off Mike Adams, who had allowed just one all year before today.
–Josh Reddick now has 31 homers.

Gio Gonzalez won his 21st game.
-He has 199.1 innings pitched this season. No one has ever finished a season with 21+ wins and less than 200 innings.
–It should be noted that Pedro Martinez’s 21st win in 1999 was a complete game that brought his innings total up to 188.1. His last 8 starts that season he pitched 62 innings, gave up eight earned runs, and struck out 107 of the 230 batters he faced. That’s basically Craig Kimbrel for 8 innings a night, for six weeks.

Brett Lawrie homered.
-That’s his first homer in over a month, and his first homer off a righty in almost two.
–Ivan Nova set a Yankees franchise record for most extra-base hits allowed in a season. That’s even with a monthlong DL stint.

A Rockies starter got a win.
-In fact, this is the second straight game in which a Rockies starter got a win.
–That’s just the sixth time all season this has happened, and just the third time since the Great Pitching Experiment began.

Fernando Rodney set a new Rays record with 46 saves.
-He is now just one scoreless inning away from tying Dennis Eckersley’s 0.61 ERA in 1990.

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  1. Vincent Kong says:

    Jay Bruce seems to cross home plate as Navarro reaches second base…

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