Daily Roundup, 09/28/12

First things first, it’s the one year anniversary of Game 162 of 2011, maybe the greatest night in baseball history.

Congrats to Homer Bailey on his no-hitter.
- That’s the seventh this year. Seven!
– It was against the Pirates. Who actually haven’t been no-hit since 1971.
— This was the Pirates’ 81st loss of the season. They’re gonna have to win out to hit .500, and the way they’ve played it doesn’t seem likely at all.
—- Last year, the Pirates went 19-43 (.306) after their 19-inning loss. This year, they won the 19-inning game, but they’ve gone 10-27 (.270) since.

On September 28, 2012, the Orioles’ run differential is finally positive.
- And they also reached ninety wins. Wild.
– They beat the Red Sox 9-1. Aaron Cook has 21 walks, 20 home runs given up, and 20 strikeouts in 94 innings after tonight’s game. Impressed.

On a night celebrating Chipper Jones, the Braves lost to the Mets, who had a big comeback win with a Lucas Duda home run.

Xavier Nady tripled.
- He hadn’t since 2008.
– Buster Posey also tripled in the same game, actually, which he hadn’t done since 2010.
— Aubrey Huff tripled just last year. (thanks to Andrew Baggarly)

The Brewers lost to the Astros.
- They beat Yovani Gallardo…
– for the first time since August 2009.

The Cardinals completely routed the Nationals, 12-2.
- Edwin Jackson gave up nine runs in just 1.1 innings.

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