Daily Roundup 10/17/12

Yankees/Tigers were postponed by rain.
– This isn’t that notable (though weather itself is inherently unpredictable).
— What is notable, however, is that there was an hour-long delay…before it actually started raining.

Matt Carpenter hit a home run for the Cardinals today.
– It was his first plate appearance in the NLCS (he was in for the injured Carlos Beltran).
— Via our own @jordansmed, from 2000-2005, the Cardinals won 93 or more games in five of six years (and at least 95 in four of those years) and had nothing to show for it. Since then, the Cardinals have won 90 games twice, had a high of 91…and might very well win the World Series for the third time since 2006.

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  1. Brian says:

    Also, I actually liked something that Tim McCarver said during the game. St. Louis got all of its RBIs from guys playing right field at the time, and neither of them started the game. Kind of quirky.

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