Daily Roundup 10/21/12

Brandon Belt hit a stand-up triple.
– Brandon Crawford was intentionally walked.
— Via @jaysonst and @michaelkinsley, Chris Carpenter had exactly the same line as last his start: four innings, six hits, five runs (two earned), two walks and six strikeouts, with even same number of pitches (76).
—- Ryan Vogelsong had a career-high nine strikeouts in seven innings. (We probably don’t need to remind you that before last season his last prior major league appearance had come in 2006).

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One Response to Daily Roundup 10/21/12

  1. giantsfan223 says:

    What’s unpredictable about Brandon Belt hitting a stand-up triple at AT&T park (a great triples park)? He is actually a pretty fast runner, with 6 triples and 12 steals on the season.

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