Daily Roundup, 06/19/10

Hello all. Bex and Rebecca have been rather busy lately, so we apologize for the lack of longer posts.

- I am planning on writing a longer post about this tomorrow, but oh my goodness, there were some crazy games on today. But uh, hey, remember when the Phillies couldn’t score runs? Well today they scored ten runs against Minnesota – and lost. There were a combined nine home runs in their game, including three pinch-hit home runs. Oh, and the Twins rallied from five runs down going into the top of the ninth!

- I’ll also write about the Rays’ eleven-inning win over the Marlins, but here’s a teaser: the Rays and Marlins combined to use sixteen pitchers. Seven didn’t pitch a full inning and three didn’t get an out (thanks to @jessespector on Twitter). The Marlins pitchers walked TWELVE Rays, including three bases-loaded walks.

- Over the past five games, the Yankees have gotten mostly shut down by Hisanori Takahashi, Jamie Moyer, and Kyle Kendrick… and beaten up Roy Halladay and Mike Pelfrey.

- Mike Pelfrey had never blown a lead in a game in 2010. He blew two yesterday.

- Jose Reyes hit two home runs… and the Mets lost.

- Both Howie Kendrick and Jose Reyes hit leadoff home runs.

- The Red Sox made four errors… and won.

- The White Sox’s Jake Peavy threw a complete game shutout. Not that he’s a bad pitcher, but he’s been struggling this year.

- Both Manny Ramirez and Jim Thome hit home runs against their former teams, the Red Sox and Phillies respectively. Manny also stole a base but it was against the Wakefield/V-Mart combo so maybe that is kinda predictable.

- The Cubs had as many errors as hits today, two.

- The Rockies beat the Brewers 8-7. Milwaukee had 15 hits and Colorado, 11.

- The Orioles had a two-run lead over the Padres. In the bottom of the ninth, the Padres got runners on second and third with nobody out. The Orioles didn’t blow it. Kevin Millwood got his first win of the year.

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