Daily Roundup, 04/18/13

Matt Cain gave up three home runs.
- This is the day after Clayton Kershaw gave up three home runs.
– The Giants are 0-4 when Cain starts.
— One of the homers Cain gave up was to Yovani Gallardo.
—- As far as pitchers go, this is not quite so unusual. Gallardo has at least one home run in every season since 2007, save for 2008.
—– In 2010, he actually had four!

Francisco Cervelli hit a game-tying home run in the bottom of the ninth.
- This was an inning after Robinson Cano came up with bases loaded, one out and struck out.
– Lyle Overbay pinch-ran.
— Didi Gregorius hit a home run on the first pitch he saw this year.
—- He also doubled and reached on a catchers’ interference. Quite the night.

The Braves have hit 29 home runs and allowed 31 runs (h/t @jazayerli).
- Justin Upton has more home runs than the Marlins and Royals combined.

James Loney home run!
- Jose Molina, too!!
– The Rays still lost.

The Phillies have not walked in four games.
- In 29 innings so far this year, Adam Wainwright hasn’t walked anyone.

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