Daily Roundup, 04/22/13

Astros starters have lasted just 19.2 innings, total, in their last seven games.
- They’ve given up 34 earned runs over those 19.2 innings.
– Three times last week, their starter failed to get out of the first inning.
— In today’s game, Dustin Ackley, Justin Smoak, and Jesus Montero went 6-10 against them with two doubles and a homer.
—- Rick Ankiel homered off Felix Hernandez.
—– Ankiel’s line is now .237/.237/.684.
—— He has 24 strikeouts, no walks, 26 total bases in 38 PAs.

What’s more unpredictable: a Braves/Rockies game getting delayed because of snow, or the fact that these are the teams with the best record in baseball?

JP Arencibia walked.
- This was only his second walk of the year, and his first walk was all the way back in the second game.
– He leads baseball in strikeouts.
— The Blue Jays still lost.

Shin Soo Choo got hit with a pitch again.
- This is no longer unpredictable, but with 10 HBPs, he has set a new record for most HBPs in a calendar month.
– There is still a ways to go in this month.
— Last year, your leaders in HBP (Carlos Quentin, Kevin Youkilis, and Prince Fielder) had 17 each.
—- Carlos Marmol tossed two scoreless innings.
—– He pitched to Joey Votto with runners on second and third and two outs in the tenth. And struck him out.
—— Chicago scored two in the 13th, but four batters into the bottom half, the game was tied again. Votto was the second of those four, and he got out.
——- Cesar Izturis hit the walkoff single.

Ryan Roberts homered twice off CC Sabathia.
- The first one was on an 0-2 pitch.
– The Yankees have lost 12 of their last 14 games at the Trop.

Will Middlebrooks homered.
- He had been 4-44 with one walk and no extra base hits since his last homer.
– The A’s lost to the Red Sox for the first time since April 30th of last season.

Conor Gillaspie (and his career .345 SLG) homered.
- The White Sox walked four times. That’s just the second time this season they’ve done that.
– Oakland and Cincinnati have had three games of 8 walks.

The Giants gave up a home run to Wade Miley.
- He is a pitcher.
– The Giants have already given up three home runs to pitchers this year.

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  1. shoewizard says:

    Miley’s Homerun was the first hit by a D Backs pitcher this year

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