Daily Roundup 04/23/13

The Cubs’ wins leader is… Carlos Marmol.
- Kevin Gregg got the save tonight.
– He struck out Joey Votto.
— Cody Ransom and Darwin Barney homered for Chicago.
—- Alfonso Soriano stole second and third on back-to-back pitches.

The Astros won.
- Despite striking out 15 times and going 0-14 with RISP.
– They have struck out 200 times in 20 games.

Actually, the Astros, Marlins, and Cubs all won on the same night.
- This was the first time Minnesota has lost since April 13.
– They only played five games since then. Thanks, weather.
— The Marlins scored eight runs!

Clayton Kershaw had retired eight batters in a row when rookie relief pitcher Robert Carson stepped to the plate.
-Kershaw had no one on base, two outs, and a 2-2 on Robert Carson.
–Carson walked.
—The Mets proceeded to take a 2-1 lead though they would eventually lose the game…
—- …in part because Mark Ellis hit two home runs (he had seven all of last season).
—– Matt Kemp still hasn’t homered.

Game one of the Rockies/Braves doubleheader started with a game time temperature of 23º F, the coldest in Rockies’ history. For comparison, the late December Broncos-Browns game had a game time temp of 51º F. (Via @espnstatsinfo).
– B.J. Upton homering isn’t unpredictable and right now the only unpredictable thing about Justin Upton is when he doesn’t homer, but what is unpredictable is that tonight in game two they did it back-to-back, the first time a set of brothers has done so since Lloyd and Paul Warner did so for the 1938 Pirates. (Via@ajcbraves).
—Gerald Laird stole a base.
—- It’s his first stolen base in nearly two seasons.
—– — Justin Upton has tied the Padres in homers, and still leads the Royals, Twins, and Marlins.

Adam Wainwright walked a batter.
– It’s the first walk he’s given up in 34.2 innings pitched.

The Yankees have lost 12 of their last 14 games at Tropicana Field, and came into the day hitting a collective .190/.262/.299 against left-handed pitchers.
- They were facing left-handed reigning Cy Young winner David Price, who is admittedly off to a slow start.
– New York’s starter, Phil Hughes, came in with a 6.43 ERA, which is actually better than his career mark for the month of April (6.95).
— The Yankees won 4-3, and Hughes allowed two runs in seven innings despite a 32-pitch first inning.
—- Price pitched very well tonight, but the Rays still have yet to win any of his starts.
—– Fernando Rodney allowed another run, and walked two more. Thats four runs and six walks in 6.2 innings.
——-Rodney is now up to four earned runs in April; last season he allowed five earned runs all year.
——–Evan Longoria hit a home run on the first pitch he saw from Mariano Rivera. He is just one of four people to have done it twice—the other three are Edgar Martinez, Rafael Palmeiro, and Aubrey Huff.

Matt Cain entered the night leading the NL in earned runs allowed, and just one off the MLB lead shared by Brett Myers and Ubaldo Jimenez.

The Athletics drew eight walks for the second game in a row.
- It took Bartolo Colon 25 innings to walk a batter this season.
– That’s small fries compared to Adam Wainwright, who took 34.2 innings to walk someone.
— Alfredo Aceves committed a throwing error, failed to cover first base, and balked twice. All in the same inning.
—- The As scored 13 runs against the Red Sox and their excellent pitching so far, when they’ve scored 11 runs in their previous three games.
—– This game only lasted seven innings due to poor weather. The last time a team scored that many runs in that few innings, it was 1983.

Cole Hamels allowed two runs in eight strong innings.
- He lost.
– To the Pirates.
— Who have won seven of ten.

RA Dickey walked five Orioles.
- That would have been a season high last year.

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2 Responses to Daily Roundup 04/23/13

  1. Kyle Lobner says:

    The Brewers have won nine straight and don’t even draw a mention! C’mon.

  2. Chad says:

    Oh, it was even more comical than that. Consider this: In said inning, Josh Reddick reached on Aceves’s failure to cover first, went to second on Aceves’s throwing error, was awarded third on Aceves’s second balk, and scored on a Will Middlebrooks throwing error. Every base of that run scored was earned through a separate Red Sox gaffe.

    Speaking as a Red Sox fan, about the only positive spin that can be put on this is that it’s still just one loss and this disastrous performance has pretty much punched Aceves’s ticket out of Boston with all of the pitchers due to come off the DL soon (Lackey, Morales, etc.)

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