Daily Roundup 04/27/13

Travis Hafner tripled.
– In the same game Joba Chamberlain got a save. It’s his first save since 2010.

Wandy Rodriguez, a pitcher, got a pinch hit at bat today, and hit a single.
– Speaking of unlikely hitters, Chris Tillman, the Orioles’ starter today, got an at-bat when Matt Wieters moved from DH to catcher.
— Tillman also got the win.

Brandon Crawford hit four home runs all of last season.
– Today he hit his fifth of the season.
— After 3.5 innings, the Giants led 5-0. After four innings, they trailed 6-5 (to the Padres). After 4.5, they were back up 7-6.

Both the Marlins and Clay Buchholz woke up this morning with five wins.
–Speaking of the Marlins, Giancarlo Stanton hit his first home run tonight.
— Miguel Olivo also hit a home run, meaning the Marlins now only trail Justin Upton by three.

Jason Grilli has more saves (10) than seven teams have wins.
– Meanwhile, A.J. Burnett didn’t exactly help his own cause with this…
A.J. Burnett says no on Twitpic
(via @thescottlewis)

Yuniesky Betancourt hit cleanup tonight.

Joe Blanton has had five starts this season, and has yet to pitch a 1-2-3 inning. (via @based_ball).

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