The Angels and Athletics played a baseball game last night

This baseball game lasted 19 innings.
- It ended at 4:40 AM Eastern time, a game of over six hours.
– Brett Andersen was supposed to have a skipped start on Monday night. Instead he got more outs than any other A’s pitcher in the game.
— The much-maligned Angels rotation actually got two quality starts from this game, from Tommy Hanson and Jerome Williams.
— Three center fielders were injured in one game.
—- Via @SamMillerBP , Josh Hamilton had eight swinging strikes in one game. Marco Scutaro has six swinging strikes this year.
—– Jed Lowrie had nine at-bats in one game. So did Howie Kendrick and Brendan Harris.
—— Jerry Blevins, a relief pitcher, had an at-bat in an AL game.
——- The Angels actually took the lead in the top of the fifteenth on a bases-loaded walk.
———- The Athletics tied the game in the bottom of the 15th.
————- Via @dan_deo, Bob Melvin has forfeited his DH twice this season, and won both games. Both forfeits involved Blevins as the pitcher.
—————- Oh, and Brandon Moss, who won the game with a walk-off home run that was actually his second home run of the game, started a new tradition when he pied himself.

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  1. Hans says:

    It’s JERRY Blevins, not Jeremy.

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