Daily Roundup, 05/23/13

Miguel Cabrera hit an infield single.
– In a different game, Carlos Santana, catcher, reached on a drag bunt to third.

Scott Barnes had a save for the Indians.
– The Indians won the game 12-3.

Travis Snider hit a triple.
– That’s his third triple…in his career.
— This season, the Cubs have more RBIs from their number-nine hitter (18) than the cleanup spot (16).
—- To further emphasize this we will gently remind our readers that the Cubs are an NL team.

Anthony Gose scored from second on a passed ball.

Joe Blanton won a game.

This graphic appeared on the Royals’ broadcast; can you spot the error(s)?

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3 Responses to Daily Roundup, 05/23/13

  1. Christian says:

    1. All the teams are incorrect
    2. It’s Bryce HARPER and Matt HARVEY

  2. JC says:

    3. There are choices that aren’t Mike Trout.

  3. Ryan Techer says:

    Oof…looks like someone in the truck was a bit tipsy yesterday…

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