Daily Roundup 05/26/13

Brett Gardner, whose career high for home runs in a season is seven, has hit two in three games.
–David Ortiz has stolen third base twice in one week.
—Prior to this week, Ortiz had gone 1,859 games over parts of 17 seasons without stealing third. (Via @peteabe).

Matt Wieters also stole a base.
–JP Arencibia walked; it’s just the third time he’s walked in 47 games this season.

Clayton Kershaw allowed three runs in the second inning today.
–He’d allowed just three runs total in his first 32 2/3 innings in May. (H/t to @molly_knight.
— At one point in the game, Dee Gordon (.161 BA) was intentionally walked to bring up the pitcher. The pitcher, Clayton Kershaw, had a batting average of… .200.
—- It worked: Kershaw hit into a double play.

Jason Bay had a walk off single.

The Pirates won a series in Milwaukee.
– They had entered the series with a 9-47 record at Miller Park since 2007.

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3 Responses to Daily Roundup 05/26/13

  1. Phoebe says:

    Clayton Kershaw allowed >3 ER for the first time since 7/24/12 when he gave up 8 ER…..also to the Cardinals.

  2. Ryan Techer says:

    And Miguel Cabrera scored from first on a double.

  3. Christian says:

    Going to the Tigers game:
    The aforementioned Miguel Cabrera scoring from first on a double with less than two outs
    Avisail Garcia triple
    Alex Avila RBI single

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