Daily Roundup, 05/29/13

Dioner Navarro homered three times.
- Navarro is a backup catcher with a career slugging of .357.
– His career high in homers in a season is nine.

Ryan Zimmerman also had three home runs.
- By the fifth inning.
– The Nationals still lost.
— Chris Davis hit his 19th homer.
—- He’s slugging .766. Except for Bonds and McGwire, no one has slugged over .750 in a full season since 1927. And that was Babe Ruth. (h/t @RotoPat)

This is the 14th time in MLB history that two players have had three-homer games on the same night.
- The last time was just last October 3.
– Navarro and Zimmerman hit more home runs today than the Royals as a team have hit since May 15.
— Since May 15, there are actually 37 players with more home runs than the Royals.

Meanwhile, Dom Brown homered twice.
- He is second in the NL in home runs.

The Mets have beaten the Yankees in all three games they’ve played so far.
- Between the end of last night’s game and the beginning of tonight’s, there was one point where Yankee pitching had retired just one of the last eleven batters it faced.
– Ike Davis had two hits tonight.
— Ivan Nova, of all people, pitched an immaculate inning for the Yankees.

Some information from this roundup was taken from this delightful article.

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