Daily Roundup, 05/30/13

Jacoby Ellsbury stole five bases in one game.

The Mets swept the Yankees in this year’s Subway Series, in part because tonight…
– Dillon Gee pitched 7.1 innings, allowing just one run and striking out twelve.
— The Yankees drew a base on balls just twice in the series—both times on Monday.
—- This is the first time the Mets have swept the Yankees in Subway Series history.
—– Via the estimable @ktsharp, Gee is the second pitcher since 1916 with 12 or more strike outs, no walks and four or fewer hits vs the Yankees. The only other pitcher to do that was Pedro Martinez in 1999.
—— John Buck had an infield hit, and then he proceeded to steal a base.

Freddy Garcia pitched eight innings of three hit shutout baseball and did not walk a batter.

Brendan Ryan hit a home run at Petco Park today.
– So did Endy Chavez.

Travis Wood hit a grand slam today.
– He hit the home run off of Jake Peavy; the last time Peavy allowed a pitcher to hit a home run was in 2004.

RA Dickey had an infield hit.

Michael Wacha got a hit today.
– He’s a pitcher.
— He got the hit before he gave up his first hit.
—- He actually did not give up a hit until the fifth inning…
—– Tonight’s his major league debut.

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2 Responses to Daily Roundup, 05/30/13

  1. Theresa M. says:

    I read your blog daily, absolutely love it. Thought I would also note that in the Os-Nats game, there were no walks from either side in the entire game.

  2. Brian says:

    Hear, hear! Completely agree; the YCPB blog is just cool.

    As an adjunct to that note about the Yankees’ inability to walk … the last and only time the Yankees went three consecutive games without drawing a walk was June 12-14, 1991.

    If they go 3.2 innings more without a walk, that will break the record for the longest walkless stretch in Yankees history, which is currently 31.0 innings.

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