Daily Roundup, 05/31/13

Last night, due to a rain delay, there was major league baseball being played after 4 AM on the east coast.
- The official game time of this game was 2:21, but the rain delay was five and a half hours.
– Also, the Royals won.
— And beat the Cardinals to do so.

The Mets, fresh off sweeping the Yankees in a four-game series, promptly lost to the Marlins.
- Ike Davis had his first XBH since May 9.
– The Yankees had their first walk since Monday.

Dom Brown now leads the NL in home runs.
- He didn’t walk all month.
– Cole Hamels is 1-9.
— He lost to Milwaukee tonight. The Brewers were 5-22 in May coming into this game.

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One Response to Daily Roundup, 05/31/13

  1. Brian says:

    Jonathan Lucroy became ninth catcher all-time (since 1916) to record five hits and multiple home runs in same game. He had three extra-base hits tonight; that’s the same number of extra-base hits he collected in his previous 102 at-bats.

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