Daily Roundup, 06/11/13

Bartolo Colon walked two batters in one inning.
- Before that inning, he’d walked only six batters all year.
– The game’s still going, but he’s up to four walks allowed in it.

Jon Lester walked four batters in the first inning and seven for the game, tying his career high.
- In a Lester/Roberto Hernandez matchup, the Rays won handily.
– Hernandez allowed just three runs in seven innings.
— Desmond Jennings homered twice.
—- The Rays homered four times in back-to-back games for the first time ever.
—– Jose Iglesias watch: 2-4, two singles. .449/.494/.577.

Gerrit Cole threw 6.1 effective innings in his big league debut. He also singled in two runs in his first at bat.
- Via @JamesSantelli, that was Cole’s first hit since high school. He was 0-6 in the minors and never hit in college or Spring Training.
– Despite hitting 99 a few times, he only struck out two batters. One was the first batter of the game. The other was Buster Posey.
— Pedro Alvarez hit two singles in a game.

The Reds pitcher, Tony Cingriani, reached base three times.
- Twice on bunt singles.

The Orioles had three straight infield hits.
- Mike Trout already has eight home runs against the Orioles in his career.

The Marlins won.
- They beat a team that wasn’t the Mets.
– Yuni Betancourt tripled.
— Chad Qualls has as many wins as Cole Hamels.
—- Derek Dietrich has six home runs.

The Royals hit a homer.
- It was David Lough.
– That’s the first homer by a Royals lefty in over a month. (h/t @jazayerli)
— Wade Davis allowed just two runs in 6.2 innings against the Tigers. Detroit won anyway.

Lance Berkman bunt single.

Chien-Ming Wang allowed five runs in 7.1 innings in his return to the majors.
- Toronto won anyway.
– Down to their final strike, Jose Bautista homered to tie it.
— The Jays scored the winning run on a wild pitch.

Ryan Howard tied the game with a hit off a lefty reliever.
- The Phillies lost anyway.
– They are now 2-13 in Cole Hamels’ starts.

Omar Quintanilla homered.
- Seriously, remember when the Mets swept the Yankees?

Aaron Harang came into the day with a 6.70 ERA, and allowed six runs in just 2.1 innings his last time out.
- He threw a 2-hit shutout.
– That’s his second shutout in his last four starts.
— His ERA is down to 5.60.

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