Daily Roundup, 06/15/13

Henry Blanco hit a grand slam.
- His last grand slam was 13 years and 34 days ago.
– That is the fifth-longest gap between grand slams since 1900.
— This was Blanco’s first hit as a Mariner.
—- Also, a team walked Michael Saunders intentionally to set this grand slam up.

Cubs/Mets featured a moment where the Cubs had the bases loaded with nobody out, a ball fell in front of the center fielder, and the Cubs scored no runs while the Mets only got one out.
- Then again, Mets and Cubs.
– Kevin Gregg has a 0.83 ERA and 0.969 WHIP.

David Ortiz tripled.
- That’s his second triple of the season.
– Jose Iglesias watch: 1-3, BB, K. .447/.495/.576.
— Manny Machado picked up his 31st double before Father’s Day.

Erick Aybar homered.
- Chris Stewart stole a base.
– These things happened in the same game.

Newly installed closer Kenley Jansen blew the save. Brandon League then got a save later in the game.

The Astros won.
- They only struck out seven times.
– The game ended when Jordan Danks, the tying run, got picked off second base.
— Jason Castro, he of the career .317 OPS – yes, OPS – against lefties, homered against lefty John Danks. (h/t @bhavinforapples)

Anibal Sanchez walked more batters than he struck out.
- The Twins collected sixteen hits.

Lance Lynn gave up seven runs in just five innings to the offensively inept Marlins.
- And got a win.
– Seven runs allowed is the most allowed by a winning NL pitcher this season.
— Lynn is now 9-1 despite a good but not great 3.56 ERA.

The Nats got a game tying 8th inning homer out of Chad Tracy.
- Tracy was a 20-HR guy once upon a time, but this year he was hitting .131/.172/.180. His OPS+ was -2.
– They then got the go-ahead homer in the 9th from Anthony Rendon, the first of his career.

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3 Responses to Daily Roundup, 06/15/13

  1. The Ted, Section 437 says:

    Link for Cubs/Mets shenanigans doesn’t work in current form.

  2. Ryan Techer says:

    Well, to be fair to Sanchez, he was pulled early due to his shoulder not feeling right, so he only lasted 4 innings.

  3. Justin Chiang says:

    Here is the link to the Cubs/Mets play


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