Daily Roundup, 06/22/13

Jordany Valdespin homered off Jonathan Papelbon.
- Valdespin joins only three other players to have multiple homers off Papelbon: A-Rod, Curtis Granderson, and… Travis Buck.
– Buck has a career slugging of .399 and twenty career home runs in 910 PA. Papelbon is the only pitcher he has multiple home runs off of.
— Papelbon blew a save to the Mets, capping the Mets’ comeback from down 7-1 to tie the game at 7-7. Papelbon is only 4/7 in his career in saves to the Mets.
—- In the bottom of the ninth, Kevin Frandsen hit a walk-off home run.
—– This meant Papelbon got the win.
—— Papelbon has as many wins as Cole Hamels.

PJ Walters and his No Good Very Bad Awful first inning: walk, HBP, double, out, walk, walk, walk, out, walk.

The Blue Jays have won ten games in a row, and are now over .500.

Wil Myers hit his first home run.
- It was a grand slam off CC Sabathia.
– Still, the Yankees won – in big part because of a go-ahead double by Vernon Wells.
— Wells had not had an XBH since May 31.
—- The list of Yankees with four hits and four RBIs in their first two career starts is as follows: Lou Gehrig, Brian Dayett, and Zoilo Almonte. (h/t @espnstatsinfo)
—– Robinson Cano walked four times in today’s game.
—— David Adams, who hadn’t walked in over 80 PA, walked twice, including with the bases loaded.

In June, the Astros have the majors’ best ERA. (h/t @brandon_warne)

In bizarro YCPB, the Giants beat the Marlins at AT&T Park.
- The Giants have won two World Series since they last won a game against the Marlins there.

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2 Responses to Daily Roundup, 06/22/13

  1. Brian says:

    In that Mets-Phillies game, the tying run in the ninth was scored by David Wright, who scored from first on a single.

    And in that Rays-Yankees game, Vernon Wells’ XBH was the rare three-run ground-rule double.

  2. Christian says:

    In the Tigers-Red Sox game:
    Victor Martinez grand slam
    Both teams had a run score on a GIDP
    Prince Fielder scored from first without a throw on a double
    Eight of the nine Red Sox reached base
    Eight of the nine Tigers had a hit. The one that didn’t get a hit (Prince Fielder) drew a walk
    Omar Infante is hitting .300

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