Daily Roundup 06/26/13

Shaun Marcum won a game.
- He actually threw eight shutout, four-hit innings.
– Speaking of unlikely pitching performances, the 2013 R.A. Dickey threw a complete game shutout on 93 pitches, and…
— Scott Kazmir, who missed all of last season and most of 2011, took a no-hitter into the seventh inning.

Placido Polanco and Jeff Mathis both hit their first home runs of the year for the Marlins.

Matt Holliday stole third base.
- The Cardinals still lost to the Astros.
– The Cardinals’ loss means that the Pittsburgh Pirates are now tied for the best record in baseball.
— The Pirates’ win today came against Felix Hernandez.

John Lackey struck out 12 batters without walking anyone over seven innings.
- The last Red Sox starter to do that? Pedro Martinez in 2003 (h/t @espnstatsinfo).

Billy Buckner started for the Angels tonight.
- This is notable because he pitched in the ninth inning of last night’s game.

Ichiro Suzuki homered again tonight, making it two games in a row with home runs.
- Before this, he only had three all season.

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One Response to Daily Roundup 06/26/13

  1. Brian says:

    Angels beat the Tigers again. They are 5-0 versus Detroit this year.

    They are 3-7 versus Houston.

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