Daily Roundup 06/30/13

The Marlins won.
- On a Jeff Mathis walk-off grand slam. It’s the first walk-off home run for the Marlins since May 2012 (thanks to High Heat stats.
– Mathis has hit 36 career home runs over nine seasons. Chris Davis of Baltimore has 31 this season alone.

Gaby Sanchez stole a base.
- In the same inning, Jean Segura got caught stealing.
– The Brewers lost, leading to the Pirates’ ninth win in a row.
— This win—a 14 inning affair— came in part because Vin Mazzaro (who once surrendered 14 earned runs in a relief inning) pitched five scoreless innings in relief, the first time a Pirates reliever has done so since 1919.

Anthony Recker, the backup catcher for the Mets, pitched the ninth inning in the Mets’ loss to the Nationals.
- In the last three days, we had three position players pitching. Hooray!

Yu Darvish getting a win isn’t unpredictable. The fact that it was his first win since May 16 is.

Justin Masterson pitched a CGSO, which was his third this season.
- He had one in his career prior to this year.
– Masterson beat Chris Sale, who himself pitched eight innings and struck out 10.
— There are three outings this year with 8+ IP, 10+ K, and a loss. Chris Sale has two of them.

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3 Responses to Daily Roundup 06/30/13

  1. Brian says:

    The Marlins won again. About 45 percent of their season’s win total has come in the past 20 games. They have more wins than all but three teams during that time.
    - Those three teams? The always formidable Pirates, Blue Jays, and Indians.

    David Lough became the first Royal to ever record at least four extra-base hits and score at least four runs in a game.

  2. Theresa M. says:

    Orioles sweep the Yankees for the first time since 2005.

  3. Dave says:

    Both starters in the MIL-PIT game that went 14 innings were out after the 2nd inning. The game finished 2-1.

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