Daily Roundup, 08/14/13

It didn’t count as a home run, inside the park or not, but Rajai Davis did make his way around the bases on a single hit.
That needs to be seen to be believed.

Last night, Alfonso Soriano set his career high in RBIs.
- Tonight, he set it again.
– No Yankee has had back-to-back games with 6+ RBIs – until Soriano the last two nights.
— Only Tony Lazzeri back in 1936 had more RBIs over a two-game span for NYY. (h/t ESPN Stats and Info)

Jim Johnson has blown three saves in a row.
- Which is the second time he’s done that this year.
– He blew three saves all of last year.
— The Diamondbacks won three games against the Orioles, and all of them were walk-offs.
—- Taylor Teagarden, hitting under .200, had three hits against Patrick Corbin.

Dillon Gee hit a triple.
- The Dodgers are currently losing.
– Chris Capuano gave up his first stolen base of the year in this game.
— To Ike Davis, of all people.

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2 Responses to Daily Roundup, 08/14/13

  1. Christian says:

    Miguel Cabrera, despite an injury that would land 99% of hitters on the DL, has hit six HR in his last 12 games
    - The White Sox left 15 people on base
    – Prior to winning today, the Tigers had lost four out of five games

  2. Christian says:

    Matt Tuiasosopo has a higher BA than Prince Fielder on August 14
    - Rick Porcello threw 40 pitches in the first inning, yet still managed to make it six innings and get the win
    – John Danks pitched into the eighth inning despite allowing six runs
    — Joaquin Benoit five-out save

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