Daily Roundup 08/21/13

Jed Lowrie tripled.
- This, after he tripled last night.
– He hadn’t hit any triples at all this season prior to last night.

Josh Thole home run!
- Mariano Rivera picked off a baserunner, the sixth time and first since 2010 while recording his 645th career save for the Yankees (via @espnstatsinfo.

Aroldis Chapman got an at-bat.
- He actually worked the count full before striking out.

Prince Fielder struck out, made it to first on the passed ball, and Torii Hunter scored, standing, from second on the play. Don’t believe us? watch it.

Chris Davis stole third.
- Jason Bourgeois, career slash .258/.303/.319 homered.

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2 Responses to Daily Roundup 08/21/13

  1. Garrigus Carraig says:

    [The Prince Fielder link is broken.]

  2. Christian says:

    Kevin Correia took a shutout into the seventh inning.
    - He ended up getting the loss (the defense behind him didn’t help matters with two-out errors)
    – Caleb Theilbar’s line: 0 IP, 1 H, 1 K
    — Trevor Plouffe was the only Twin that did not strike out
    —- Chris Colabello narrowly avoided a golden sombrero
    —– Michael Tonkin still has an ERA of 0.00 despite allowing 3 R (bad defense didn’t help matters)
    —— Prince Fielder was the only starter for the Tigers not to get a hit (he did get on base twice)
    ——- Miguel Cabrera was intentionally walked (it’s a surprise how little he has been walked this year)

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