Daily Roundup 08/25/13

If you missed the madness of last night’s Phillies/Diamondbacks game, our friend Doug Kern has an excellent writeup here.
- Suffice it to say there were 18 innings, two position players pitched, and one of them, Casper Wells, has actually pitched for teams in the American and National League this year.
– If that wasn’t enough, Roy Halladay started today’s game for the Phillies.
— He won, making it his first win since May 5.

Mike Minor and Billy Butler hit infield singles.

Andy Dirks has more home runs against the Mets than against anyone else.
- He’s started three games against them. (h/t @nickdeljuice)

The Cubs and Padres played a fifteen-inning game today.
- There was no score until the thirteenth.
– The first run scored because Jesus Guzman’s throw home hit Nate Schierholtz in the helmet. Here’s the video.
— After being scoreless all game, both teams scored twice in the thirteenth.

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  1. Many thanks Nicoletti, I checked out Hitting Clips and their baseball flix are outstanding!

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